Chat with an English teacher


Chat with an English teacher for one day! We’ll use the Voxer app (free on Apple or Android or web) I’ll send you a voice message and you can reply anytime!

We’ll have 8 hours together, you can ask me all the English questions you have, and I’ll ask you short questions about yourself.



Chat with an English teacher!

Chat with an English teacher, for one day! You can spend a day boosting your confidence, asking all your questions about English and practicing using it too!

We’ll use the Voxer app, it’s like a walkie-talkie. You send me a voice message and I’ll reply. It’s an instant confidence booster, and it’ll get you speaking English right away  – and for a whole day.

We’ll have 8 hours together – which can be over one day or split into two four-hour days. When you book we will decide together the best times that work for both of us. So even if we’re not in the same country or time zone we can still chat together!

The best thing about this is that you can do it any time, any place, any where. So even if you have your children stuck to your legs all day you can still send a voice message, and listen to my messages. You can do it between meetings or chores. You can do it outside, inside, at the shop, on the bus, sitting, standing, walking or running! And you can save the messages too (in Voxer the messages will keep for 30 days).

Better than lessons? Maybe! This is great for you if you know the feeling in lessons when the teacher turns to you… and you freeze – but 5 minutes later you know exactly what to say. That is no problem with this day on Voxer with me. You don’t have to reply immediately. In fact I want you to pause and take time to answer. You can replay my messages as many times as you need, you can ask me to repeat as many times as you need.

Results –  Get the answers to all your English questions. Practice all the phrases, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation that you want to. Feel more confident in your English abilities.

After you pay, I’ll email you to arrange our day together!


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