How to get your English from forgotten to fluent

without hours of boring grammar lessons

and do it in the funnest way possible!

You've spent hours studying English but since your children were born you don't have time to turn around, let alone improve your English


you lived in an English-speaking country but when you returned home you seem to have left your English behind


you know English is the key to your future career, and you want to put your hours of study to use, and actually speak English!

Are you wishing for the day something will change and your English will magically come back?

Or that you'll meet a new friend who will help you with your English from the kindness of their heart?

Listen.. it's time to stop wishing.

You need to take action... for you and for your kids' future too!

Mums' English Circle is here to help you

What's the problem?

The world needs more skilled communicators, conversation and meaningful chat

Your language skills are vital - don't lose them!

You could hope that you won't forget your English

You might rely on your kids to boost your English, maybe watching Bluey will help you?

You could sign up for more lessons or download apps and ebooks about learning

Or just open the translation app

But you know they're not satisfactory solutions, or real solutions at all...

Imagine this…

  • You, speaking English everyday with friends and feeling confident
  • You, seeing how the world opens up with friends around the world
  • You, chatting to other mothers and not feeling shy
  • You, having an English community in your own home
  • You, regularly speaking English and not worrying about your kids interrupting your English time!

What is Mums' English Circle?

We are a group of mothers from around the world. We meet online, via Zoom, 6 times a week Monday-Friday. We chat about all sorts of topics from our families, to festivals, careers and cooking and women's issues.

What are lessons like?

Lessons are fun and relaxed. It's all about the conversation. It's not about mistakes or lots of grammar. We meet on Zoom 6 times a week. Meetings are 40-50 minutes long. You can stay the whole time or come and go as you need to.

What time are lessons?

We have group lessons at these times (times in Japan and Central European time)

Mondays 0200 with Emmeline (1800 CET)

Tuesdays 1600 with Abbie (0900 CET)

Wednesdays 1030 with Abbie (03.30 CET)

Thursdays 1200 with Abbie (0500 CET)

Thursdays 0300 with Emmeline (1900 CET)

Fridays 1600 with Abbie (0900 CET)

How much is it?

It's $25 USD per month (that's under $1 a lesson!). 

You can try it for 3 months for $75.

Is this right for me?

If your English is intermediate level or higher, you're a mother, you want to speak more, and make friends around the world then yes! This is for you! 

What people say

When I spoke English, I got a little nervous because I had no confidence. After joining MEC I became able to speak English more naturally than before, because all the participants are gentle ladies. Orginally my vocabulary was poor, but I reviewed English in a dictionary after the lessons and learned many words and expressions.

Kayo, Japan

It’s my weekly mood booster!

Wirda, Indonesia

I like talking with other women from all over the world and seeing that we have the same problems. There is a lot that connects us even though we live in totally different cultures. I would recommend MEC to mums of every age, who want to speak in English and learn it just through our talks, where we don’t think about mistakes. We focus on the content and we understand each other.

Malgosia, Poland

I can study with my children, even if they're sometimes noisy. I enjoy speaking English with other mothers on everyday topics, and learning more about other cultures.

Iday, Indonesia

I hadn't spoken English for ages before joining MEC. I was so nervous if there should be any mistakes which I may make at the beginning of MEC. Not only being encouraged by Abbie, but also welcomed from the other members around the world, I overcame my nervousness and shyness and feel like talking more with lots of fun every meeting.

Maki, Japan

Before joining MEC I tried to read and listen in English to I am interested in. But it wasn't enough. After joining MEC lesson by lesson I feel more comfortable to speak in English. I like every lesson. Abbie chooses interesting topics for speaking.  I enjoy speaking with people from different countries. I have learnt a lot about other country's cultures and customs. I can recommend MEC to everyone who wants to learn English in an easy and interesting way. I have 2 little children so MEC was for me the best decision to join.

Monica, Slovakia

Join us

Pay Monthly $25

Pay for 3 Months $75

Join 1-4 times a week, and get the recordings to review.

Join us for 3 months, and get 12 weeks of meetings, plus the recordings