You know English is important but...

  • you don’t feel confident to speak with your family,
  • you don’t have time to sit in boring lessons for hours,
  • you don’t want to study grammar anymore,
  • you aren’t interested in taking tests or exams
  • you have small kids (or big kids) who want your attention all day…

Imagine this…

  • speaking English everyday with friends and feeling confident
  • seeing how the world opens up with friends around the world
  • chatting to other mothers and not feeling shy
  • having an English community in your own home
  • regularly speaking English and not worrying about your kids interrupting your English time!

What is Mums' English Circle?

We are a group of mothers from around the world. We meet online, via Zoom, four times a week Tuesday-Friday. We chat about all sorts of topics from our families, to festivals, careers and cooking and women's issues.

What are lessons like?

Lessons are fun and relaxed. It's all about the conversation. It's not about mistakes or lots of grammar. We meet on Zoom 4 times a week. Meetings are 40-50 minutes long. You can stay the whole time or come and go as you need to.

What time are lessons?

We have group lessons at these times (all in Japan time)

Tuesdays 1600 

Wednesdays 1030

Thursdays 1200

Fridays 1600

How much is it?

It's $25 USD per month (that's under $2 a lesson!). 

You can try it for 3 months for $75.

or $300 for the whole year.

Is this right for me?

If your English is intermediate level or higher, you're a mother, you want to speak more, and make friends around the world then yes! This is for you! 

What people say

Join us

Pay Monthly $25

Pay Yearly $300

Pay for 3 months $75

Join 1-4 times a week, and get the recordings to review.

One easy yearly payment. so you get even more time to chat!

Join for 3 months and see how your English improves