Women in Language is back for 2022

If you’ve never heard about this event, it’s one of the biggest online events in the world of languages. It’s inspiring, motivating, interesting and fun. The event takes place over 3 days and is all online and is open to anyone in the world to attend. If you love languages, whether it’s studying, teaching, researching, translating or interpreting or just wanting to do these things you have to come! Get a ticket here 

The best thing about Women in Language for me is the variety. There is always such a variety of topics and speakers that you always find something new to learn about. It is open for any women, or non-binary people, to speak about any language topic. This year’s topics include:

  • push and pull language learning and privilege in language learning
  • special needs children and language learning
  • Swiss German and the importance of dialects
  • mastering perfectionism
  • emoji are digital gestures
  • receptive bilingual children
  • teaching your children sign language
  • trauma-informed language teaching
  • the evolution of the Vietnamese language
  • how to inspire future language learners

And me! I will be speaking about teaching taboo subjects in the language classroom, how and why to do it or not. So, I really hope you can join me there.

There are also language exchange sessions, so if you’re learning a language you can practice with friends. There’s a forum on feminism and language learning and even a raffle with amazing language prizes, one of which is a chance of mentoring with me!

It’s a great chance to network with other language-lovers and professionals, the chat is very active during the presentations, as is the Facebook group. Even if you can’t attend live, you’ll get access to all the recordings forever.

This is the fifth year of Women in Language. I’ve attended every year and I always come away inspired and motivated to carry on with my language learning and teaching, and to learn more about cultures and languages around the world, and with a few new friends too. Get your ticket here