Mums’ English Circle

Uplifting English Conversations for Mothers Worldwide

Speak English today! Mums’ English Circle is for you if you’re a mum who wants to improve your English and make friends around the world. Come and join us!


Mums’ English Circle

Make mama friends, improve your English and have fun!

Join us for relaxed group conversations, five days a week!  We have online meetings Tuesday – Friday with a small group of mothers. Chat about topics like our children, careers, women’s issues, food, festivals and more.

You can choose to attend five meetings a week or one, stay for 10 minutes or 40 minutes! You can chat with other mums around the world, ask them questions, and get to know each other. All the mums are very supportive so you’ll always enjoy the meetings.


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I can study with my children, even if they’re sometimes noisy 🙂

Iday, Papua

It’s my weekly mood booster!

Wirda, Indonesia

I can freely express my feelings without judgement of other people

S, Philippines

I love this class, we can talk and enhance our English


A, Indonesia

30-day money back guarantee

Join us for 30 days. If you are not happy with Mums’ English Circle, after 30 days you can have your money back. No problem. Just email and tell us.

What’s special about Mums’ English Circle ?

Mums’ English Circle is not just English lessons. It’s a community of mothers around the world. We connect you with women to make friends, so that you have a reason to speak English every week!

Mums’ English Circle will help you

Make friends

Use and improve your English every week

Stop saying you can’t speak English

What will you get with Mums’ English Circle?


MEC Community

A safe, friendly, supportive community of other Mothers who want to speak English too.

Conversation lessons

Weekly conversation lessons 4 times a week, with support, so you can start chatting straightaway!

Teacher on tap!

Voice mail office hours! Got a question that can’t wait? Send a voice message and get an answer within 24 hours!

Not your average lesson

MEC is all about conversation, there’s no homework but you’ll be able to get feedback after lessons.

Hello!  I ‘m  Abbie

I’m married with two daughters and we live in Japan. I’ve been teaching English for over 10 years, in the UK, Japan and online. 

I know how hard it is to learn another language while you’re trying to raise a family, look after the house and work all at the same time!

That’s why I came up with the idea for Mums’ English Circle. This is a safe and friendly place where you can chat in English.

I believe mistakes are OK! Mistakes are necessary and important to learn from.  In our lessons, we chat first and then worry about grammar and corrections later.

What is a Mums’ English Circle meeting like? Watch us here! This is a clip from our meeting when we were chatting about festivals and dancing. Enjoy! 

Not sure this is for you?

If you’re worried about your English level, or want to ask any questions, come and chat with me and I’ll tell you honestly if I think Mums’ English Circle is right for you.

Book a free 15 minute chat now.

This all sounds great! 

I have a question

What are the lessons like?

Lessons are fun and relaxed! They are all about the conversations. You can stay for the whole lesson or come and go as you need to. We understand if you have young children that you might come and go sometimes. Lessons are 30-60 minutes long. 
All lessons are on Zoom, so you can join on your mobile phone or desktop computer.

What time are the lessons?


We have group lessons at these times 

Tuesday 0900 (Italian time)  That’s 1000 in Moscow, 1230 in Mumbai, 1500 in China, 1900 in New Zealand.

Wednesdays 1030 (Japan time) That’s 0730 in Daka, 0830 in Jakarta, 1930 in Costa Rica, 2030 in Mexico City, 2130 in La Paz. 

Thursdays 1100 (Japan time) That’s 0700 in Lahore, 0745 in Kathmandu, 1000 in Manila, 2100 in Lima or 2300 in Santiago, Chile.

Fridays 1600 (Japan time) That’s 0800 in Algiers, 0900 in Warsaw, 1230 in Kolkata, 1300 in Astana, or 1500 in Singapore. 

Please check what time this is in your country here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ 


How much is it?
Actually… it depends. I charge based on your country of residence. I know what’s a fair price for English lessons in one country is very expensive in another. So, when you click the ‘join now’ button you’ll see the prices, but you may also see a discount bar offering you a discount. So please check it out and see the price in your country.
Can I stop my membership at any time?

YES! You are in control of the payments and you can cancel anytime. You’ll get access to meetings and recordings until the end of that month. After that you won’t be able to access meetings

What happens after I pay?

After you pay you’ll get some emails with your login details. Details will be sent to you later about the conversation lessons.

Is Mums' English Circle right for me?

If you are a mum who is about B1 intermediate level or higher in English this is for you

(that’s about TOEIC 400, Cambridge Preliminary (PET), BEC Preliminary, BULATS score 40-59, CLB/CELPIP 5, CAEL 50, IELTS level 4, TOEFL score 57-86. TOEFL iBT 42 or higher). Mums’ English Circle is right for you.

If you’re a mum who used to be this level but you haven’t studied for a long time, it’s still ok. Once you start exercising your English muscles they will quickly get back into shape.  

(if you’re not sure about your level you can take a quick, free test here https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/online-english-level-test)

If you’re a mum who is ready to spend some time studying English everyday (or most days) MEC is for you! 


More questions? Just email me abbie@englishwithabigail.com 


What people are saying…

Abbie gave me useful feedback, and suggested good activities to help my learning. All the tasks were relevant to me, and I feel have improved my English.

I’d recommend Abbie’s lessons to other people

Thank you Abbie, you’re a very great teacher!



Abbie gives me useful feedback and the best thing is chatting with her.

I feel I have improved my English.



Small groups help us find connection and feel comfortable. Speaking to Abbie and other moms is the best part.

I would recommend it to other people



Mums' English Circle logo



Uplifting English Conversations for Mothers Worldwide

Try it now!

30-day money back guarantee

Join us for 30 days. If you are not happy with Mums’ English Circle, after 30 days you can have your money back. No problem. Just email and tell us.

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